Case Studies

Corporate Reuse Projects from Coast to Coast

An American multinational corporation is deploying a new furniture standard throughout their North American facilities. As a result, thousands of usable furniture items become unneeded surplus. Working with FRS, the company formed a program for charitable reuse that is centrally managed yet can be implemented in multiple US locations.

California School District Repurposes Furniture

A California school district had major bond construction projects in 2020 and 2021. Part of their facilities modernization plan included a new standard of furnishings, which resulted in thousands of decommissioned furniture items.

University Reuse Project

When a university in southern California chose to consolidate certain facilities, 1,264 pieces of furniture, appliances, and even pianos were no longer needed. 

container loaded high and tight

Case Study – Corporate Social Responsiblity

A large technology corporation decided to reduce their inventory of surplus furniture stored in their Bay Area warehouse. Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, the company desired a sustainable option for asset disposition.

school furniture staged in cafeteria

Case Study – School Furniture Aids Refugees

A middle school in the Pacific Northwest was upgrading its furnishings. This project resulted in more than a thousand decommissioned furniture items with no future use in the school district. The district wanted an alternative to recycling and disposal.