Auditorium Seating from a Santa Monica School Repurposed in Honduras

seating to be shipped

Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) donated more than 500 auditorium armchairs for charitable reuse in Honduras.  As announced in their recent news release, this effort diverted eleven tons of waste from the landfill and upheld the district’s commitment to green building and operations. 

FRS facilitated the match of SMMUSD’s surplus with a large international charity operating in the Caribbean.  The seating has been installed in a ministry serving impoverished children and adults in Honduras.  The auditorium seating was part of a refurbishment project district-wide refurbishment project that sent 7,500 furniture items (107 tons) to charities and nonprofits in the USA, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Read more about the auditorium armchair project at SMMUSD’s website.

armchairs in container
560 armchairs were loaded onto two 40′ ocean containers
Seating arrives in Honduras and is installed at the Roca de Salvación Ministry
The donation of armchairs provides the ministry with added seating for events