Frequently Asked Questions for Generators

We can find a reuse solution for most types of furniture found in offices, classrooms, dormitories, cafeterias, institutional kitchens, laboratories, medical facilities, gymnasiums, and more. Items for reuse do not have to be in excellent condition but need to be functional.

Unacceptable items include broken furnishings and equipment, missing pieces, or otherwise unusable. Fragile items, such as those containing glass, cannot be shipped unless special packing is coordinated. Because of the lack of environmental safeguards for handling lead and heavy metals in many of the destination countries, Furniture Reuse Solutions cannot accept computers and electronics as donated goods. Other unacceptable items include wet furniture, badly torn or stained furniture, chemicals, liquids, batteries, and lamps.

After Furniture Reuse Solutions receives a signed proposal, it usually takes two to three weeks to match your inventory with liquidators and nonprofit recipients.  Each project is unique, and furniture volumes and timelines influence project logistics.

That depends on the options available for repurposing your surplus inventory. If liquidation is involved, you may receive funds. When your items are selected for charitable reuse, Furniture Reuse Solutions charges a fee, but it is normally 20% less than having it hauled away in dumpsters. The cost (or net gain) from recycling depends on the material composition of the items unable to be repurposed. All in all, Furniture Reuse Solutions offers solutions that are cheaper and easier than disposal.

Furniture Reuse Solutions typically ships items for reuse in either a 40-foot ocean container or a 53-foot tractor-trailer. Depending on the inventory, a single shipment can consist of between 175 and 400 furniture items. If you are unsure if your product would fill a container or trailer, please contact us. 

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