Frequently Asked Questions for Recipients

We offer most types of furnishings found in offices, classrooms, dormitories, cafeterias, institutional kitchens, laboratories, medical facilities, gymnasiums and more.

We work with inventories that have been inspected and confirmed. Furniture Reuse Solutions on-site management ensures that no unusable items are shipped and that the truck is packed to maximum capacity and with the expected product allocations.

After the shipment leaves the origin, Furniture Reuse Solutions provides the recipient organization with a report outlining all critical and relevant shipment details.

There is no charge for the furnishings. The nonprofit recipient assists in coordinating and ensuring transportation from the project site to destination.

Furniture Reuse Solutions works with the nonprofit and its designated freight forwarding agents to set schedules. If you are unsure of the freight forwarding and trucking options in your area, please contact us for referrals.

On moving days, Furniture Reuse Solutions provides on-site management to complete a detailed inventory and customs paperwork specific to the freight forwarder. 

Furniture Reuse Solutions typically ships items for reuse in either a 40-foot ocean container or a 53-foot tractor trailer, although local nonprofits take donations in multiple smaller truckloads. Depending on the inventory, a single shipment can consist of between 175 and 400 furniture items.  

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