A Shocking Number of Power Strips!

What does every home and office need?  (Homes and offices with electricity, that is.)  Answer:  A way to plug in and protect their devices. 

When a corporation was refurbishing multiple office buildings, they stripped everything down to the floorboards.  This resulted in about 12,000 power strips that were no longer needed.  Already plugged into the FRS reuse program, the client offered up these quality items.  FRS arranged for these to be shipped to three domestic charities that operate thrift stores.   With more people working from home these days, and more devices to power, the stores saw a surge in sales!

This inventory provides enough outlets for 100,000 devices.  Rated at 1800 watts each, that represents the power generated daily by 80,000 standard solar panels.  Watt, you say?  If you were to daisy chain them together (Don’t try this at home.  It’s dangerous!), they would span each of the six lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge.

There were a total of ten shipments, including five 53’ tractor-trailers.  By far the most environmentally friendly way to deal with what would have become 16 tons of waste, the power strips also help the recipient nonprofit organizations with their humanitarian missions.

truck interior with palettes of power strips

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