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Furniture Arrives in Jordan

Jordan faces an extreme refugee situation, with the influx putting a strain on their healthcare infrastructure.  Working with FRS, Helping Hand for Relief and Development, an international humanitarian organization, sponsored shipments of furniture from California to Al Bashir Hospitals in Amman, Jordan.  Check out the video to see the furniture arrive and hear the heartfelt appreciation from representatives from the Ministry of Health.

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RAFT loading dock

Real Furniture for Virtual Classrooms

A large university in the San Francisco Bay Area had an inventory of special AV carts that were no longer needed.  They contacted Furniture Reuse Solutions (FRS) for a sustainable way to redeploy these items in the community and divert them from the landfill. 

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cartoon of furniture dilemma

Surplus in the Time of COVID

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted supply chains and markets, causing dire shortages of some products and surpluses of others.  If you are involved in furniture management, you may be facing the increasingly common dilemma of planning deployment and decommission when the future of your workspaces is uncertain.

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Furniture Decommission Decision Model – Part 1 of 3

Furniture decommission seems like a straightforward process until it’s time to decide what to do with the surplus furniture.  Do you try to liquidate it?  Donate it?  Store it?  Recycle or even throw it out?  Each project is different and the answer depends on your circumstances. 

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Case Studies

container loaded high and tight

Case Study – Corporate Social Responsiblity

A large technology corporation decided to reduce their inventory of surplus furniture stored in their Bay Area warehouse. Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, the company desired a sustainable option for asset disposition.

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school furniture staged in cafeteria

Case Study – Aid to Refugees in Jordan

A middle school in the Pacific Northwest was upgrading its furnishings. This project resulted in more than a thousand decommissioned furniture items with no future use in the school district. The district wanted an alternative to recycling and disposal.

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loading container with furniture

Case Study – Virco Advocates Reuse

Virco Manufacturing Corporation provides furniture to the educational market. Their client, a southern California school district, was upgrading their furnishings in two elementary schools and one middle school. This project resulted in thousands of decommissioned furniture items.

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